Anse Takamaka View

Welcome to the Anse Takamaka View website

We’re a small self-catering vacation resort on southwest Mahé.
Takamaka is by the way a native tree found on the beaches of the Seychelles before palm trees were introduced to the islands. Following a major tree blight in 1998 set off by a foreign type of fly, the takamaka tree was declared a protected species. Our home beach and the southern district here are named after this unique native tree.  


No package vacation


It’s no secret that the Seychelles are normally a vacation spot for tourists with bigger budgets.

But we’re in the fortunate position to offer our apartments at an attractive price for all customers.

Dreams come true!

Fulfill your dream and visit Anse Takamaka View.
In our comfortable and no-stress atmosphere you can leave the outside world behind and just enjoy the wonderful sunsets.

Let yourself be taken in by the island’s charms, and enjoy your vacation without feeling like a tourist.

In the following pages you’ll find more information on us and our resort.

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